Swift Indiana

Spinners and Weavers of Indiana Fiber and Textiles

“SWIFT” Member Websites, fill out form below to be added to this page or make a change.



Swift is a interesting group with many talents. You can follow some of our members on the web to see what they are up to.  IF you would like to be added here or need to change an existing listing, please FILL OUT the above. We have over 150 people’s email that we sent information when there is any new information on this website.  We consider all those emails as members.

Sandi Lemons–  Tabby Tree Weaver Arcadia, IN http://www.tabbytreeweaver.com/      sandi@tabbytreeweaver.com

Robin Edmundson – Rurification- rur-i-fi-ca’tion: n. 1. The process of becoming rural. 2. The collection of activities engaged in while residing in the country. 3. A blog about living and making art in the country.  http://www.rurification.blogspot.com/ and  www.robinjedmundson.com

Patti Hodge – Beautiful felted items, large and small! www.pattiscreativefelt.com

Susan Markle– Tradingpost for Fiber Arts Shop in Pendleton, IN http://www.tradingpostfiber.com

Gina Mitchell – A blog about Gina’s daily life & adventures in fiber art, knitting, weaving, and more. http://ginamitchelldesigns.com/

Cheryl Moreo – Follow Cheryl Ann as she spins, knits and weaves the  fabric of her life. Check out the The Fiber Closet Blog to follow what is going on at The Fiber Closet Shop. Find the shop website is here.

Pennie Phares – As the new owner of Ragtime Rugs, Pennie is creating handwoven rugs in Northern, IN. www.ragrugs.net

Benita Story – Discussions about weaving, dyeing, spinning, knitting, and everything else that goes on in the life of Benita Story.  www.basicallybenita.com


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