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Classified Advertising (fiber things wanted, for SALE, & also free)

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  • Sue Payne from Conner Prairie is looking for several USED Ashford wheels   for new youth spinners.  If you looking to sell, contact Sue at    josucapayne@comcast.net.


  • Rosemarie Miller  Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 11:01 AM
    Reply-To: “\”Rosemarie Miller\”” <Indyrose@milmac.com>
    To: “\”swift.newsletter\”” <swift.newsletter@gmail.com>
    Name: Rosemarie Miller   Email: Indyrose@milmac.com

    Description of what you want to sell: FREE — Moving and need to find homes for old knitting machines. My sister runs an auction house. When I told her I wanted a knitting machine, I wound up with three nice ones and a lot of Toyota parts. There may be some sales from the Toyota parts… I planned on following up and never got around to it.

    Brother Home Knitter KX-350
    Singer Ribber (couldn’t find a model # — made in France)
    Toyota Ribber KR501
    Toyota KS 787 (parts of at least 2 machines — they may all be there — I never got that far in checking them out.

    Right now, I just don’t want to see all this wind up in the land fill.

    Email me for pictures.

    Thank you!

Sandy fantasiafleece@aol.com

NEW MESSAGE, October, 2018
Fiber friends,
I have an urgent request for interested persons to utilize FREE raw wool Shetland fleeces.  The mobile home in which  I have stored them is being dismantled and if I don’t find homes for these fleeces, I will be forced to burn them. Cedar chips were used to protect from the “elements” and most all are in good condition.
I’d rather see someone get the use out of them than destroy them, so I am offering them free to anyone who would appreciate them.  Please call Sandy Powers 260-672-9623 if interested. Must empty mobile home by Nov. 15th. .
Also kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinet, sink, tub, stool available free for removing.
Thank you,
Sandy      Fantasia Fleece Farmfantasiafleece@aol.com
  • From: heidi porter <mrsjp06@gmail.com>  Date: 7/9/18 9:14 AM (GMT-05:00)
    Subject: Looking for a home for uncarded fleeces

    Hello!    I inherited a large bag full of various fleeces. I know that there is some alpaca, some llama, maybe some others, and of various colors. I have recently come to the realisation that I won’t get around to learning how to card and spin this anytime soon, so want to pass it on to someone who would appreciate it. I also have a set of carding paddles that would go with the fleeces.

    Is there anyone in your guild who could use these fleeces? My only request is that a small ball of each fleece be sent to my mom once it has been spun.
    I look forward to hearing from you!    Heidi Porter      mrsjp06@gmail.com
  • Hi, I’m moving soon and need to de-stash. I have raw alpaca/llama to *give away* (varying degrees of VM), and back issues of Spin Off. I have other roving for sale, cheap.  You can contact me at indyrose@milmac.com. I’m still on your email list, as I get the newsletters. — Rosemarie
  • I have a large amount of alpaca fiber collected from 12 animals over two years, two of the animals are crias.  The animals were professionally shorn yearly and the fiber is very clean.  I have been looking for a buyer, but at this point I just want to make sure the fiber isn’t wasted, so if you or your group would be able to make use of it please email me back at pbarber119@gmail.com.      Being busy, I would appreciate it if anyone interested would be able to pick it up from me in Manteno, IL.

                   **** FOR SALE ****


FLEECES:    refer to free above

Miscellaneous items:

This is a 1980’s era Ashford traditional jumbo flyer assembly. I am asking $40 for it. It is in good condition. The wood needs to be conditioned (it is a bit dry from age) and the bobbins need a bit of glue to snug them up. Please email kaitlynpsmith@gmail.com for more info.

k.smith pics for sale   k.smith pics for sale2   k.smith pics for sale3

From: “Joan Elliot” <elliotjc@sbcglobal.net>   Subject: Things to sell: (click on them            to refer to the .pdf picture and information.   Warping Reel     Skein winder   Quilting frame


  • Louet LE S90 spinning wheel for $350.00 excellent condition. Folding portable spinning wheel w/extras. Located in Terre Haute will deliver to local area.       Name: mona crucitti   Email: eacrucitti@ma.rr.com     Call 812-264-1903
  • Deb Totten is selling a Louet Victoria spinning wheel.  Asking $650.  It is complete with a carrying bag and three extra bobbins.  New it would cost over $1,000.    Used for one workshop.  I now have a Schacht sidekick wheel that I travel with and don’t need two traveling wheels!  I can be reached at 812.371.1475. (Listed Jan 2013)

    USED EQUIPMENT (Indiana website):


  • For sell: 8 Harness floor loom for sale! Harrisville design. Fully functional, great condition. 36 inches wide and roughly 36 inches deep. Warping board and extra yarn included. $875 Location: Zionsville, IN. Contact Lea Anne at leinterz@gmail.com with enquiries.


  • LOOM FOR SALE: 60 inch LeClerc Colonial jack loom, 8 shafts, 10 treadles, bench. Excellent condition. $1900.00. Location: Chagrin Falls area, Ohio. Contact Nora Eason at 440-543-7058 or nora.eason@gmail.com. (Nora is a member of the Western Reserve Spinners and Weavers and the Cuyahoga Weavers Guild.) (Listed September 2013)
  • Kessenich loom for sale. It’s in excellent condition. I have a lot of extras that go with bit. Asking $1,000.00. Enquiries: Susan Teegarden kst_murphy@yahoo.com. (Listed Jan 2013)
  • Vicki Gibson has a Weaver’s Delight rug loom for sale, plus original accessories. Please contact her directly for more information at 574-534-5925 or cgibson10@aol.com. (Listed Jan 2013)

(AD only good for 1 year and then will be deleted unless updated)

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