Swift Indiana

Spinners and Weavers of Indiana Fiber and Textiles

Demonstrate-Teach Art Crafts @ 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIR; Friday, 8-3-18 – Sunday, 8-19-18.

SIGN up here, (continue)  talented spinners, knitters, crocheters, felters, etc. and I will add you to our list of experts.  You will receive an Entrance ticket but you will need to pay for your own parking.







spinning wheel, ashford

Please mark your and our calendars to volunteer @ THE 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIR.   I will send you an Entrance Ticket but I need your name, address, email and cell phone.  Although you will need to pay for your own parking, usually $ 5.00.   Please email or text me Thelma Goulet,  ‘thegoulet@usa.com’ with a subject of IN. STATE FAIR VOLUNTEER and/or text me 317-431-1675 to be put on the list or ask questions.  There are more details below.

Please check the daily schedule of volunteers (below) to see what day you might want to come. It is a lot of fun if 2 or 3 of you come together.

You can contact me at thegouletswift.newsletter@gmail.com, call or text me Thelma Goulet, email: thegoulet@usa.com, call or text 317-431-1675) to sign-up.

Feel free to bring a finished project on our manikin or display table, contact me, Thelma Goulet with any question. Please plan to just bring when you are there demonstrating and then take them home with you.

The 2018 Indiana State Fair ‘SWIFT’ Demonstration Booth is located inside the Indiana Arts Building (or women’s building).

  • One entrance ticket is provided for each person the day of your participation and good for the whole day.
  • Parking details:   There is, however, a daily parking fee of $5.00 to park on the Fair Grounds infield or on the south side of 38th street @ Gate 1a. Here is the map of the fairgrounds (hold cursor over each area) and further information on the fairgrounds website.

  • Driving into the busy Gate #1 can be very slow. Instead, we suggest you park across 38th street by the entrance to Gate #1 and walk across the street into Gate #1.  Then, walk north through the fairgrounds to the Arts Building.

    OR ..you could drive to the west side of fairgrounds on the 38th street and turn North onto Winthrop Ave.  Follow Winthrop to enter Gate #16.  Gate #16 takes you to the infield, where you may be able to park close to our building.  From the infield, you can sometimes walk across the track behind building #21 instead of walking under the tunnel.

  • Of course, if you have a wheelchair sticker, you will need to drive into Gate #1 for handicap parking.  That will be fairly close to our building.

                                                   THE BOOTH INFORMATION

     Only one shift this year:  11am to 4pm.
Allow plenty of travel time.  It can get busy at the Fair a very long line to get through the entrance.

So get to the fairgrounds about 10:00 am.

 That will get you to the booth for your time of 15 minutes before opening the booth.

  • We are located (not sure yet) near the STAGE area on the west side of the building (far side of building fairly near the main entrance, also near the face painting).
  • Again..there is only one daily shift, 11 am to 4 pm. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your shift.
  • Please uncover the tables and set up your station.
  • Please write your name and your county on a name tag (if there are some there).
  • Check the note-book for any messages from the previous day.
  • Bring whatever fibers and tools you would like to demonstrate. Unfortunately, no tools will be provided for volunteers to use, but spinners, drop spindlers, knitters, crocheters, and felters are very welcome bring whatever tools they would like to show off their craft.
  • I will have some tools you can use to teach anyone wanting to learn.  That will be a drop spindle, some knitting needles, a crochet hook, carding brushes and an Inkle Loom.
  • Small tables and chairs with pads will be available for all demonstrators.
  • There should be at least one person in the booth at all times, so please stagger your lunch or bathroom breaks.
  • Some wool fiber will be available to spin and you could donate that spinning to our weaver if you wish.  If she is not there just take your hand- spun with you. Please ONLY Mary Ann Carpenter will do the weaving on the floor loom for the woven consistency of the scarves .
  • After the shift: Close booth at 4 p.m.  Please cover the tables and manikin securely  with the coverings. Tidy up the booth. Leave notes for next day of any problems and/or text/call me 317-431-1675.

SWIFT Booth Schedule Indiana State Fair is below.       Only one shift this year:  11:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Allow plenty of travel time.  It can get busy at the Fair a very long line to get through the entrance.

So get to the fairgrounds about 10:00 am. to allow for long entrance line, parking and walking to our booth.     That will get you to the booth for your time of 15 minutes before opening the booth.

(Last updated 7-5-18)
         Thursday, Aug. 3rd: Set up day, Thelma Goulet, Kaitlyn Smith, Mary Ann Carpenter, Patti Hodge

        OUR DAILY SCHEDULE      11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Friday, Aug. 3rd        Thelma Goulet
Saturday, Aug. 4th:   Pat McMurry,  Pennie Phares                            Sunday, Aug. 5th:      Pat McMurry, Pennie Phares

Monday, Aug. 6th:     Pam Morford                                                                            Tuesday, Aug. 7th:     Patti Hodge and Carol (felting), Thelma Goulet,           Donetta Waling, Kaitlyn Smith, Janie Bruns                                      Wednesday, Aug. 8th:  Lisa Truman                                                                         Thursday, Aug. 9th:   Pam Morford, Kaitlyn Smith


Friday, Aug. 10th:      Thelma Goulet, Becky Wigginton, Gabrielle Mast
Saturday, Aug. 11th:  Pat McMurry,
Sunday, Aug. 12th:     Pat McMurry,


Monday, Aug. 13th:   Patti Hodge and her sister Carol (to do felting)
Tuesday, Aug. 14th:
Wednesday, Aug. 15th:
Thursday, Aug. 16th:  Thelma Goulet

Friday, Aug. 17th:       Pat McMurry
Saturday, Aug. 18th:  Pat McMurry
Sunday, Aug. 19th:     Pat McMurry


      Monday, Aug. 21st:  Tear down day, Thelma Goulet, Mary Ann Carpenter

We are organizing a SWIFT sheep to shawl team again this year to compete on Sunday, August 19th (the last day of the fair).  This is a novice group so don’t laugh too hard.



About Thelma Goulet

Happy to promote our fiber arts of spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting and teaching 4-Hers and the public with demonstrations and more.

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