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3_6_17     Hello SWIFT friends!  We had a great Annual Meeting this past Saturday at the Noblesville Public Library.  We were a small group, but we had a great day.

SWIFT is giving two scholarships to the Midwest Weaver’s Conference that will be happening this June 12-17 on Butler’s Campus right here in Indianapolis!  The idea is to offer these scholarships to people who would love to attend but cannot afford to go.  The scholarships are open to any SWIFT member who has attended an annual meeting within the last three years, as some may have been prevented from attending this year due to weather or the lateness of the meeting announcement.  We are also opening the scholarships up to alumni 18 and older of Conner Prairie’s youth spinning teams, and Sue Payne is helping get the word out to those young people who are the next generation of fiber fanatics!!  (The age limit is due to constraints on any young person under 18 attending the conference needing a parent or responsible adult around at all times).

The scholarships will be decided by random drawing, which will take place in one week, Monday, March 13.  That will give the winners  a couple weeks to register for the conference before registration closes on April 2.  Please see www.midwestweavers.org for information about the conference.  If you’d like to be in the drawing for the scholarships (which will be for either pre-conference or conference registration–see the Midwest Weavers site for an explanation) please email Nelly DeVault at nellydevault@comcast.net.  You may also call or text Nelly at (765)635-4175.

We also discussed the future of SWIFT at the meeting, and voted to dissolve the formal organization SWIFT, with elected officers, bylaws, and tax obligations in favor of an informal (but still active!) group/club/team that will continue to get together once a year for an awesome party and host the state fair booth.  We will still be known as, and call ourselves SWIFT.  We can still invite people to join!  As Thelma Goulet put it at the meeting, “Swift is the glue that holds all the guilds in Indiana together.”  We still want to have that glue!  We just don’t need an elected committee to plan a party!!!

So Nelly DeVault is the Party Planner for next year.  Thelma Goulet will take charge of (“thegoulet@usa.com” or 317-431-1675) the state fair booth and updating the website.   We will be working on collating and combining email lists, putting together a member directory, and updating the list of guilds in Indiana.  We’re excited about the future of SWIFT!!  Please “LIKE” the SWIFT page on Facebook as well, as that is a fast and easy way to communicate.  You can also post anything fibery or SWIFT related, including pictures of your fiber-producing fur babies, your own spinning or other textile projects, or photos of fiber events you attend, as well as any announcements you think would be of interest to the group.

Thanks!  I know this was long, but it’s important information.  If you have any questions, you can contact me (Nelly) at the email or phone number listed above.

Yours in fiber fellowship,

Nelly DeVault  –Swift Indiana


About Thelma Goulet

Happy to promote our fiber arts of spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting and teaching 4-Hers and the public with demonstrations and more.

2 comments on “Join SWIFT for FREE, big news, as of changes from our ..2017 Annual Meeting … ‘yes’ FREE to get the latest Indiana spinning, weaving and more news.

  1. Nina Suntzeff
    October 26, 2017

    Please enter my name as a new (but former) member. I joined several years ago but let it lapse. Now I am re-joining! Is this the right place to join or is there another page? (I couldn’t find it.) Thank you!
    Nina Suntzeff
    Weaving Instructor
    Indianapolis Art Center

    • Thelma Goulet
      October 26, 2017

      This is it and you’re approved..welcome

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