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Fiber Arts Fest at Sauder Village

Village green photo

Sauder Village is a historic complex just over the state line in northwest Ohio dedicated to telling the story of those who settled and developed the area. The museum has hosted a Forcus on Fiber event for several years, but has greatly expanded the event into the Fiber Arts Fest at Sauder Village. The full schedule includes a range of workshops in spinning, dyeing, weaving, and knitting in addition to a vendor hall. Susan Bach, Curator of Crafts tells us more:

Founder's Hall at Sauder Village, Archbold, Ohio.

Founders Hall at Sauder Village, Archbold, Ohio.

“This year we are expanding the festival, renaming it, and moving it to Founders Hall which is a large, beautiful space. We will be offering two days of fiber classes at the Heritage Inn with an exciting group of instructors on Thursday and Friday September 24 and 25. The Fiber Arts Fest will take place in Founders Hall on Saturday and Sunday September 26 and 27. We will have many fiber product vendors, make and take activities, and demonstrations (including a felting loom) at the Fiber Arts Fest. Our annual Apple Butter Festival will be taking place in the Village September 23‒26, so there will be lots to see and do for everyone!

“The class schedule offers a wide variety of interesting fiber classes with some of the top instructors in the area. While most of the instructors are from Michigan, Kate Larson is an Indiana resident!”

Fiber Arts Fest 2015 Workshops

Classes and Instructors for Thursday, September 24 (all day classes):
Dyeing Harmonious Color Combinations on Spinning Fiber – Rita Pettey
Learn to Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom – Joan Sheridan
Spinning and Knitting Goat Fibers (mohair, cashmere, pygora) – Amy Tyler
Knitting with Handspun Yarn – Kate Larson
Towel Weaving on the Floor Loom – Susan Rupp (one day all day class)

Classes and Instructors for Friday, September 25:
Hand Dyed Warps for Weavers – Rita Pettey (all day)
Knitting Norwegian Mittens – Joan Sheridan (all day)
Plying Balanced Yarns – Amy Tyler (morning)
Mechanics of Your Wheel – Amy Tyler (afternoon)
Spinning Handpainted Fibers – Kate Larson (morning)
Wool Breeds Short Course – Kate Larson (afternoon)
Towel Weaving on the Floor Loom – Susan Rupp (one day all day)

To learn more about the instructors and register for classes, visit the website or call Sue Link at the Village (800-590-9755). Mark your calendar for 2016, too: workshops on September 29‒30, and the festival will be on October 1‒2, 2016. 

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