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2015 Indiana State Fair

2015 SWIFT State Fair Schedule

Diana Stevens is organizing the State Fair Demonstration booth this year. To sign-up: first, check the schedule to see what time slots are available that you would prefer. Then, contact Diana to sign-up for the time slot of your choice. You can reach her by email: dianastatefair@gmail.com or call or text her cell phone: (317)413-8078.

Larson_goldingInclude your full name, internet e-mail address and home contact information, mailing address for tickets, and home and cell phone numbers in your request for booth times.

Thelma Goulet is collecting items for display at the booth.  If you have something you would like to display, contact her at thelma.goulet@facebook.com and make your arrangements to get your LABELED item to her.

2015 State Fair Demonstration Booth is located inside the Home and Family Arts Building.

  • Enter the building through the North Ramp Entrance and we are just inside the door to the left.
  • There are two daily shifts, 10am-2pm and 2pm-6pm. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your shift.
  • Check the clip-board for any messages from the previous shift.
  • Morning shift: Set up booth before 10am. Uncover the tables, pull the wheels out, etc. Afternoon shift: Close booth at 6pm. Put the wheels behind the chairs. Cover the tables with the plastic cloths.Tidy the booth. Leave notes for next day of any problems with the public, or the booth presentation, and/or call me.
  • Everyone should sign in and put on name tag if you do not have one on.
  • One entrance ticket good for the whole day will be provided for your participation.
  • There are NO parking passes this year. You can choose where you park, but you will have to pay $5.00 to park on the Fair Grounds infield.
  • Bring whatever fibers and special spinning tools you would like to demonstrate. A few wheels will be available, or bring your own.
  • Drop spindlers would be nice to have. Also, knitters or crocheters, or felters would be fun to see.
  • Tables and padded chairs will be available.  Please, only the demonstrators should be in the booth area.
  • There should be at least one person in the booth at all times, so, confer and stagger your lunch or bathroom breaks, please.
  • Some wool fiber will be available to spin to go into the weaving.
  • A tabletop loom will also be available for the public to show the public the process.
  • The floor model loom will be available for weaving scarves that will be donated to a food bank at the end of the Fair. The pattern will be posted and full instructions will be written and placed beside the loom.


Click here to see the current booth schedule.

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