Swift Indiana

Spinners and Weavers of Indiana Fiber and Textiles

Meet Sue Meissner

Sue is a longtime Swift member from the Bloomington area. Her travels and love of learning add a great balance of technical skills and creativity to her fiber work. There are a few spaces left in her upcoming workshop–check it out!


Sue spun the yarn for these beautiful cotton napkins as part of her Master Spinners course at Olds College. She spun the warp and weft (except black) –10/2 cotton. Natural dye with Botanicals fustic color. Pattern by Eileen Hallman. Handwoven by her husband, Michael. Photo: Sue Meissner.

Sue Meissner is a member of Bloominton Spinners and Weavers Guild. She is in her 6th and final year of a Master Spinner certificate course through Olds College, Alberta. Her course emphasizes technical spinning with a wide range of fibers on all sorts of spinning aparatus.  Sue enjoys knitting, weaving, tatting and bobbin lace, but spinning best of all. At home she grows her own flax for spinning and is recognized for her skill in spinning cotton. Her hobbies live mostly amicably with her husband and three pedigree cats. Contact Sue at: spins4fun AT yahoo.com

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